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      Dezign Plus 

The Plus to Your Design



Dezign plus Consulting approaches each project by first imagining all of the possibilities. We believe in encouraging our clients to defy false constraints. But at the same time helping them understand the city laws and regulations.

Live in delight, love, desire, conviction, and purpose. Never settle for what is normal but look to what is bold, Design what your heart shows, build what your imagination sees, Drawing and Design without rules. Together we all can find away. 


The word plus means additional. For us, it’s symbolic. Plus adds more to the original amount. Let us be your plus. Let Dezign be that missing piece to your projects. Let us be that extra piece to your World.


You would be kidding your self if you don’t believe that New-York history did not have any influence on the world of today.  New York City Buildings has more history then you ever imagine.  All our landmark buildings is more than Brick, Steel and Concrete.  Our landmarks have so many untold stories. Dezign Plus would like to help share some of these stories.

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